MRR Radio #1239 – 4/10/11

Rob brings it again with lots of new punk, pop and hardcore. Plus a nod to the almighty Jared Warren and some Bloodstains insanity. Rock on and rock hard!

Kriegshög (photo by Martin Sorrondeguy)

Intro song:
DEAD KENNEDYS – Anarchy for Sale

Rob – Ripping hardcore fresh from the record bins
TO HELL AND BACK – Street Train
COKE BUST – Time Left
LÄRM – Hippies
SLANG – Ill Peace Hymn
OFF! – Black Thoughts
BRUTAL TRUTH – What You Want
LACK OF INTEREST – The Edge of Clarity

Rob – Jared Warren is the common thread and a riff monster
KARP – Dueling Banshees
THE WHIP – Freelance Liaison
BIG BUSINESS – Just as the Day Was Dawning

Rob – More new rock ‘n’ roll
NOBUNNY – Hippy Witch
BARE WIRES – Young Love
KIDNAPPERS – Milkshake
DAVILA 666 – Mala

Rob – Bloodstains across Scandinavia
PELLE MILJOONA & N.U.S. – Olen Tyoton (Finland)
PF COMMANDO – Reggare (Sweden)
SENSUURI – Kirjoitan Seinaan (Finland)
OVERDOSE – Takkhold Kjert (Norway)

Rob – Tribute to the MRR compilations for days gone past
N.O.T.A. – Propaganda Control
CRUCIFIX – Annihilation

Outro song:
ALL YOU CAN EAT – They Won’t Stay Dead

4 thoughts on “MRR Radio #1239 – 4/10/11”

  1. Really cool to hear you guys playing Overdose from my hometown Bergen.
    The name of the song is Takk, Hold kjeft and means Thank you, Shut up.
    Skål from Norway.

  2. Awesome set, as always when Rob’s at the helm. But whats happened to Rotten Ron and the peanut gallery? Seems like they haven’t hosted the show for a while?

    Keep up the good work!

  3. You can check out Ron’s most recent show, which is MRR Radio #1234 in our archives section. All of our DJs are on a rotation schedule and I think Ron’s next show is in two weeks! So check it out and thanks for tuning in!

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