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Livin’ Like a Pig #1

Welcome to our new MRR Radio project: “Livin’ Like a Pig”! Once a month we will bring a variety of noises to your ear holes, including news, music, jokes and burping contests. Bands and other folks will be interviewed, records will be discussed, and the news will be thoroughly dissected, all with as much humor as is appropriate.

In this episode, Langford, Fred, and Brynn talk about how to deal with a suicidal friend, what some of the best records of the year were, and how to make Monopoly punk (finally!). Also, Langford interviews NEON PISS, who talk about their new demo and wreak havoc on your brain!

Songs on this episode:
D.R.I. – I Don’t Need Society
BENT OUTTA SHAPE – Disappointment Rock
THE EAT – Livin’ Like a Pig
NUCLEAR FAMILY – Believer’s Voice of Victory
NEON PISS – Golden State Advantage
RVIVR – Cold in Your Bones

Links to the news stories discussed on this episode:
Brian Reed shot by cops in Modesto
SF cops shoot another man with a knife – in a wheelchair!
Bird and fish deaths in Arkansas (another article here too)
Neon Piss: