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9 thoughts on “Radio Archive”

  1. Nice to revisit a lot of stuff I grew up on. I bought my first MRR more than 20 years ago. Cheers!! And happy fucking Xmas .


  2. I’m hoping to be able to download some old radio show archives. I used to have a hardcore punk radio show on a local pirate radio station from ’97-2000 I found some on the net somewhere but I can’t remeber where.

  3. Anyone have radio archive from late 1989 to 1990? Looking for a song that played on episode with songs from Samiam and Naked Raygun. Don’t remember band or song but it was a song recorded live at Gilman.

  4. Fear not – radio archive is in progress. I have a few shows from 1990 I’ve digitalized that I hope to put on the site as a teaser for the larger archive – stay tuned!

  5. I have a case of MRR airchecks early to mid 80s that I boiled down to 5 cassettes, plus the tapes these were derived from. Source was MRR radio from Pacifica KPFA in Berkeley, hosted by Tim Yohannon. Pacifica or someone should have a complete archive I would think. Izzat so?

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