MRR Radio #1182 – 3/6/10

Frog brings the noise and Rob brings the mistakes. Another rocking show from Maximumrocknroll Radio!!

Conjuto Night Stars

Intro song:
SYDNEY DUCKS – Brannan’s Fall

Rob – Cazumbi: African Garage Rock from the 60s
A-CADS – Down the Road (South Africa)
TELL EMMA & HIS SKIPPER – Hammatan (Ghana)
CONJUNTO NIGHT STARS – She Only Wants a Friend (Mozambique)
LES SAFARI – Les Jeunes Tigres (Madagascar)
JOHN E SHARPE – Monkey Shine (South Africa)
THE INVADERS – Painter Man (South Africa)

Frog – Rock Monster Part 1
LOS PRISONEROS – Who Killed Marilyn
101ers – Rabies From The Dogs of Love
THEE HEADCOATEES – Where Are The Children That Hitler Kissed
DUTRONC – Et Moi Et Moi Et Moi
MUMMIES – Uncontrollable Urge (DEVO cover)

Frog – Rock Monster Part 2
SONIC YOUTH – Death to Our Friends
WIRE – Drill
FANG – They Sent Me to Hell C.O.D.
BUTTHOLE SURFERS – 100 Million People Dead

Rob- One of One
THE OH SEES – Block of Ice

Outro song:
FY FAN – Oforenliga Tendenser

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6 thoughts on “MRR Radio #1182 – 3/6/10”

  1. The second track is from DEUTSCH AMERIKANISCHE FREUNDSCHAFT (a.k.a DAF) “Alle gegen Alle” . Hope that helps.
    By the way, thanks for the brilliant website and the exquisite radioshows.

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