Punk Day on KPFA Berkeley – 3/7/81

As part of fundraising drive, KPFA sponsored themed programming days, including this Maximum Rock & Roll “Punk Day” on March 7, 1981


Ruth Schwartz
Interview: Club Violence [incomplete]
Matchheads – Pearl Harbor
Mass Media – Dit Problem (?)
Fallout – Conscription

Tim Yohannan
Ebba Gron – Hang Gud
Vacum – Pa Kredit

Johnny Meyers
Misfits – Hollywood Babylon
Birthday Party – Hats On Wrong
Monitor – Beak

Johnny Meyers
Restricted Code – First Night On
TV21 – Who’s Gonna Get Me First?
Dave Weckermann – Out of Baby’s Reach

Tim Yohannan
Really Red – Starvation Dance
Breakouts – Waiting for the Change
(Impatient) Youth – This Is the Front Line



(Impatient) Youth – This Is the Front Line (cont.)

Ruth Schwartz
Comsat Angels – Eye of the Lens
Bauhaus – Kick in the Eye
Tenants – Noise in My Head

Tim Yohannan
Bow Wow Wow – Work
Tenpole Tudor – Swords of a Thousand Men
The Cure – Primary

Tim Yohannan
The Middle Class – Situations
Black Flag – No Values

Jeff Bale
Basement 5 – Last White Christmas
Outsiders – One to Infinity
Fleshtones – Critical List
Users – Sick of You



Leyton Buzzards – Through with You
I’m So Hollow – Dreams to Fill the Vacuum
Black Flag – Nervous Breakdown
Barracudas – I Can’t Pretend
Flesheaters – Radio Dies Screaming
Discharge – You Take Part in Creating the System
Crass – Rival Tribal Rebel Revel
Crisis – Holocaust
Germs – Manimal
Circle Jerks – Don’t Care / Live Fast Die Young
Teen Idles – Teen Idles