Creating and posting the new issue PDF

Creating PDF:

1. Consolidate replacement pages into PDF’ and’ save “combined” version*

2. Use Crop Tool’ to trim’ all sides by .125″, fix odd-size pages &’ spreads’ – save “cropped” version*

New Issue PDF - choose crop tool

Double-click with the Crop Tool on any page to get to this window:

New Issue PDF - crop all pgs

To find odd-sized pages, use ’ 2-Up Continuous display,’ scroll through the document and look for’ pages that don’t line up with the others:

New Issue PDF - view 2-up continuous menu

New Issue PDF - find odd-size pgs

Usually the crop changes to .25″ on larger pages, but not always, so make sure the cropped page size reads 8.25 x 10.75″ before cropping.

New Issue PDF - crop odd-size pgs

3. Save as… choose “Optimized” and click the Settings button.

New Issue PDF - save as optimized

Use these settings for optimized PDF:New Issue PDF - optimize settings 1 - images

New Issue PDF - optimize settings 2 - fonts

New Issue PDF - optimize settings 3 - discard objects

New Issue PDF - optimize settings 4 - discard user data

New Issue PDF - optimize settings 5 - clean up

Note: These settings will stick as long as no one changes them, so you don’t necessarily’ need to set them every time you make an optimized PDF.

4, Change Document Properties (command-D) to these settings:

New Issue PDF - Document Properties 1 - Description

New Issue PDF - Document Properties 2 - Initial View

5. Save the file’ and check it one last time – look for odd-size pages, fuzzy artwork, bad cropping, etc. Also check that the file size’ is around 20—40 MB. If not, the optimization settings may have been off.

6. Upload’ PDF to:

  • Webstore’ (for DL purchases)
    Open’ Cyberduck and navigate to:
    Naming format: MRR386_Jul2015_h78jj4eP_DL.pdf ’ (put random numbers/letters in the “h78jj4eP” section so that people can’t guess the URL and download this without paying – make sure it matches in “Write up etc” file)
  • Dropbox’ (for MRR use)
    Move into Shared with Paul > Back Issue PDFs for download
    Naming format: MRR386_Jul2015_h7fR4eP_062515.pdf (change the random numbers/letters and the date once DL link has been used, if you want to prevent the link from being shared)

*It’s a good idea to save the “combined” and “cropped”’ versions separately because sometimes the PDF can become corrupted during this process, and this way you’ll have a backup to start from rather than having to start all over from scratch.

Creating new PDF post:

  1. Duplicate previous issue PDF in webstore’ (in Products list, click “Duplicate” under previous issue’s PDF)
  2. Update title and’ delete “(Copy)”
  3. Change permalink (using “Write up etc.” file)
  4. Copy’ descriptions (short and long) from magazine product post
  5. Make sure page count is correct in short description’ (“This is a high quality 120-page PDF download…”)
  6. Update Product Data section (name, URL, Up-Sells) using “Write up etc.” file
  7. Set the Featured Image to the “PDF” cover JPEG you created here
  8. Save DRAFT (DON’T PUBLISH’ until next issue comes out)

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