MRR Radio #997 – 8/5/06

FUCKED UP on MRR Radio (again!)

Intro song:
FUCKED UP – Neat Parts

Guest DJ Damian from FUCKED UP
STATE RUN – Bureaucrats and Things
ZOE – Winter (AMEBIX cover)
NOFX – Stupid Candians (NEOS cover)

Guest DJ Jonah from FUCKED UP
MAJOR CONFLICT – Not Just a Song
LIKET LEVER – Hjartats Slag
THE BLESSED – Deep Frenzy
JILTED JOHN – Going Steady (I Love Sharon)
FLYS – Night Creatures

Guest DJ Bickel (The Slasher) from FUCKED UP
EXPLOITED – Fuck the Mods
COCK SPARRER – England Belongs to Me
THE BRUISERS – Intimidation
MADBALL – Colossal Man

Guest DJ Mike from FUCKED UP
STARJETS – Smartboys
THE DOLL – Trash
SHOP ASSISTANTS – I Don’t Wanna Be Friends With You
UNDERTONES – My Perfect Cousin

Outro song:
ANTISEEN – Spare Change