MRR Radio #1565 – 7/9/17

Rob revisits some of the bands he used to review for his old MRR heavy music column “Screams from the Gutter.” Double hand horn warning ahead!

Intro song:
DYSTOPIA – Anger Brought by Disease

BUZZOV*EN (photo by Chris Boarts Larson)

BUZZOV*EN – At a Loss
CAVITY – Shake Em’ on Down
DAMAD – Addict Arcade
CATTLEPRESS – Celebration of Wounds (Greetings from My Gut)
KARP – Dueling Banshees
GRIEF – I Hate You
MAN IS THE BASTARD – Heretic’s Fork

ACME – Blind
BOTCH – Saint Matthew Returns to the Womb
CAVE IN – Moral Eclipse
ACRID – Synaptic Overload
CONVERGE – My Unsaid Everything
MORSER – Kirchang
COALESCE – Have Patience
SYSTRAL – Narrow Minded-Criteria

Outro song:
DISEMBODIED – Anvil Chandelier