MRR Radio #1515 – 7/24/16

Rob circle pits the world of punk playing lots of foreign classics and a new one from the United States on this week’s MRR Radio!

Intro song:
GØGGS – Shotgun Shooter

TZN Xenna!
TZN Xenna!

Distort Sweden
DISPENSE – Mass Genocide
SKIT SYSTEM – Martens Murar Rasar
ASOCIAL – The Nightmare Arrives/Goodbye
DISKONTO – 3 Fragor Till Makthavarna

Distort Brazil
INOCENTES – Garotos Do Surburbio
COLERA – Gritar
FOGO CRUZADO – Desemprego
OLHO SECO – Lutar, Matar

Distort Australia
THE VICTIMS – Television Addict
THE NEWS – Chop, Chop, Chop
THE SCIENTISTS – Shake (Together Tonight)
LEFTOVERS – Cigarettes & Alcohol
POSITIVE HATRED – In Tune With Living
ROCKS – Migraine Headache
ROCKS – Kamikaze Twist
JOHNNY DOLE & THE SCABS – Living Like An Animal
VIGIL-ANTI – Reality, It’s Laughing At You

Distort The Rest Of The World
E.A.T.E.R. – Kriget Cancinne
RATTUS – Reaganin Joululanju
SLIPS & SPERMA – Caos Final
BGK – Computer Control
DEZERTER – Spyta Milicjanta
RAW POWER – Fuck Authority

Outro song:
TZN-XENNA – Dzieci