MRR Radio #1452 – 5/10/15

Rob throws the devil horns with an all female-fronted metal band show this time. Time to get that headbanging going!!!

Intro song:
JURASSIC JADE – Go to the Dogs

Jurassic Jade!
Jurassic Jade!

VOLKANA – Descent to Hell
MALIBU BARBI – When Lightening Strikes
CARRIE – The Assassin
BLACKLACE – Call of the Wild
CATALEPSY – Obituary Fear


BATTLEFIELD – Nuclear Death
RHIANNON TOMOS A’I GRWP – Cer A Hi (l’r Eithaf Un)
METAL LADY – Kegyetlen Hajsza
ZNOWHITE – Live for the Weekend
GIRLSCHOOL – Race With the Devil

HARI KARI – The Blade
5X – Midnight Train
LUNAR SEX – All the Kids
LOCHNESS – Zduo Pero Kuo
AIRRAID – Armed Children

Outro song:
PMS – On the Run

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