MRR Radio #1444 – 3/15/15

Rob plays 25 songs of ripping female-fronted punk from around the world! Dig in and rock out!

Intro song:
BIKINI KILL – Rebel Girl (USA)

The Avengers!
The Avengers!

COMES – Panic (Japan)
NASTY FACTS – Drive My Car (USA)
TAPPI TÍKARRASS – Skrid (Iceland)
TNT – Razzia (Switzerland)
STRIPES – Weekend Love (Germany)

ACTION PACT – Suicide Bag (England)
PINK CHAMPAGNE -Söndagsskolehyckel’ (Sweden)
BEEX – He Obliterates Me (USA)
AVENGERS – Teenage Rebel (USA)
NIXE – Man Under My Bed (The Netherlands)

CRASS – Where Next Columbus (England)
COCADICTOS – Juan Pablo II y’ Amigos (Spain)
LES CALAMITES – Toutes Les Nuits (France)
NO THANKS – Fuck Everything (USA)
BAGS – Survive (USA)

SACRILEGE – Dig Your Own Grave (England)
KYAH – Slapdash (Japan)
NIKKI CORVETTE – Young & Crazy (USA)
GASH – Gash Trash (Australia)
TYRANNA – Back Off Baby (Canada)

MAGGOTS – (Let’s Get, Let’s Get) Tammy Wynette (USA)
NEO BOYS – Never Comes Down (USA)
BRAIN DEATH – Personal Affair (Japan)

Outro song:
SURPRISE! – Surprise! (Surprise!)

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  1. Another great show every time I listen I go back to my younger days of listening to Tim and the Gang on my clock radio from KPFA. I will never forget how cool Tim was when I called to bitch him out for not playing enough hardcore when I was 11 :)

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