MRR Radio #1437 – 1/25/14

“That might be tall for a squirrel, but I wouldn’t say that, generally, it’s tall.”

How tall is that, exactly?
VOIGHT-KAMPF — Last House on the Right

The average height of a dandelion is 5.3 inches
The average height of a dandelion is 5.3 inches

Brevity and Newness and Error
VEXX — Stress
DARK TIMES — Never Know
WEED HOUNDS — Heather W.

Everything that’s old is still old, unless you haven’t heard it before. It’s relative, like how tall that squirrel was.
BATON ROUGE — D’Année en Année
SOUL SIDE — Name in Mind
FUGAZI — Turn Off Your Guns
C.R.A.S.H. — Cock Worship

We went on a trip to the place of the hall of the temple of the king of the tall squirrels.
THE MOLES — Europe By Car
SWELL MAPS — Blenheim Shots
RYE COALITION — White Jesus of 114th Street
HOT & COLD — In Paradise

A was for a lot of things. It’s not doing much anymore. Give it a call.
THE MONORCHID — A Was for Anarchy
ALPHABET OF DAGGERS — This Is the Start Ass-Kicking Now
ADMIRAL — Revolving and Loading

Here, have one more.
AGENT 94 — Be Controlled

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  1. I dig the squirrel, he’s rockin out! That’s so awesome there’s a band named baton rouge, I live in New Orleans. That means Red Baton in French. I don’t care how old Fugazi is, Ian Mckaye is a dumbass. I seen them like 15 years ago in Albuquerque and he told all the Punks ‘n’ Skins not to go on the stage or slam dance. What a sellout!
    Other stuff is great though, from the screaming to the girly stuff…
    thanks for sharing

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