MRR Radio #1414 – 8/17/14

I’m not sure what they told you, but I’d only believe about half of it, or maybe two thirds. Although, that depends on who you ask. So to be safe, don’t believe a word.’ –Thom from My-Space

Intro song:
CRAYON – The Snap-Tight Wars

tri-corner hats
tri-corner hats

Pete goes through the C-section, and was one.
CORAL — Filling a Hole
COUCH — Styx Bridge Toll
THE CROWNHATE RUIN — Visit from Mars
THE CATHOLIC CHURCH — The Sad Magician Pt. 1 & 2

“It’s either raining or it’s not”; Langford forgot about that one.
REPLICA — You Can’t Stop the Weather
LILIPUT — Eisger Wind
MORDECAI — Cold Rain & Snow
CROM — Hot Summerian Nights
HOT SNAKES — Light Up the Stars

Gnu records. They come out every day. It’s cool.
THE EARLY STAGES — Summer in Vermont
YI — The Bus
EVEN HAND — Glacial Blue
BEACH SLANG — Filthy Luck

Outro songs:
CORDURY – Sump’n Good
CAP’N JAZZ – 90210

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