MRR Radio #1377 – 12/1/13

Portland’s AUTISTIC YOUTH and FREEDOM CLUB stop by Dan’s show.

Intro song:
AUTISTIC YOUTH – Couriers of Kings

Guests and Host

Dave and Buster’s Infinite Playlist
BLITZ – Solar
REAGAN YOUTH – Urban Savages
DYS – Escape
VERBAL ABUSE – V.A. Rocks Your Liver

Alex of Autistic Youth
EXPLOITED – Horror Epics
SHAM 69 – Fly Dark Angel
UK SUBS – ÷ 8 x 5

Gibby and Richard from Freedom Club
THE BOILS – Life Cycle
PG. 99 – My Application to Heaven
BUTTHOLE SURFERS – The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey’s Grave

Nick and Adam of Autistic Youth
F.U.Z. – F.U.Z.
HÜSKER DÜ – Turn On the News
YOUNG OFFENDERS – Trelawny’s Army
BIG BOYS – Fun Fun Fun

Dan kills time with new bin finds
BEAVER – Trendy
BAD PEOPLE – They Think I’m Rotten
VARIX – Out of Reach
DIVINE RIGHT – Pray for Me

Outro song: