MRR Radio #1373 – 11/3/13

Vicente comes in again and schools us with a slew of killer garage stuff from South America and beyond. Rob plays the Dangerhouse hits from the late ’70s and sneaks in a few obscure tracks to please your eardrums. Tune in, hit play and rock out!

Intro song:
UNIT 3 WITH VENUS – Pajama Party

Los Impala

Vicente Goes Deep in the Garage, Part 1
EL AVIADOR DRO – La Vision (Spain)
LOS SUPERSONICOS – No Me Niegues Tu Amor – (Venezuela)
LOS JOCKERS – Lo Que Sera – (Chile)
LOS IMPALA – Una Terrible Enfermedad (Venezuela)
THE SIX – No Juego – (Venezuela)

Rob Relives the Dangerhouse Years
RANDOMS – Let’s Get Rid of New York
THE DEAD BEATS – Kill the Hippies
AVENGERS – We Are the One
BAGS – Babylon Gorgon
DILS – Class War
WEIRDOS – Solitary Confinement
RHINO 39 – Prolixin
X – We’re Desperate

Vicente Goes Deep in the Garage, Part 2
AMPEX – Me Tienes (Columbia)
LOS JOCKERS – Yo Fe Queiro (Chile)
LOS IMPALA – Yo Te Vi (Venezuela)
LOS DARTS – Sonrie Otra Vez (Venezuela)
LOS BEATS 4 – Todo Temina (Chile)

Rob Sneaks a Few In
TINA PEEL – Fifi Goes Pop

Outro song:
EPOXIES – Cross My Heart

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  1. Great Show Vicente, nice to meet you and hope to see you soon and have the chance to listen some more garage tunes!

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