MRR Radio #1269 – 11/6/11

Rob, Vicente and Greg get eccentric as they try to squeeze in as many musical styles as possible in 60 minutes. Doom, hardcore, garage, pop and even some crazy stuff from India. Don’t worry we got you covered!

Boom Boom Kid (photo by Mauricio Santana)

Intro song:
BOOM BOOM KID – Abrazeme

Rob – Can You Find the Connection?
SLEEP – Numb
HIGH ON FIRE – Blood from Zion

Greg – Newish Punk and Reissues
DARK LION – The Poor Get Prison
LEBAKKO – Es Tullet Toistamaan Tarwaa Samaa
DEAD MOON – Johnny’s Got a Gun
COUNT VERTIGO – I’m a Mutant

Vicente goes to India and beyond
KISHORE KUMAR – Ina Meena Dika (India)
SELDA – Meydan Sizindir (Turkey)
PANICO – Anfetaminado (Chile)
ACID EATER – Search for Love (Japan)

Greg – Old and New
STRAIGHT YOUTH – Positive Stand
STREET LEGAL – Knocked Off My Feet Again

Vicente – One More Time!
NOI TRE – Distruggimi (Italy)
THE NOVAS – The Crusher

Greg sneaks in one more
ZOUNDS – Biafra

Outro song:
WARHEAD – Cry of Truth

2 thoughts on “MRR Radio #1269 – 11/6/11”

  1. could the connection be that asbestos death were the precursor of sleep, which was matt pike’s band before he created the almighty high on fire?
    saw high on fire in athens back in ’08. Mr. Pike is one of the most interesting, intriguing, seductive, funny and knowledgeable men i’ve met.
    a true legend, i’d jump his bones any day! hehe
    awesome set guys and dolls!

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