MRR Radio #1265 – 10/9/11

Martin, Amelia and Sam take over Mariam’s show (and that’s cooooool with her…)

Cólera (photo by Maria da Piedade Moraes)

Intro song:
CÓLERA – Quanto Vale a Liberdade

Martin Gets Down Internationally
PANADERIA BOLLERIA – Quiero Extrangularte
STIGMA – Panic Square

Amelia Is a Punk Rocker
STATE CHILDREN – Chaos (intro) / Starve to Death
THE SQUATS – We Hate School
GBH – Give Me Fire
CHAOS – Tribal Warfare

Sam Keeps It Maladjusted
JETZ – Catch Me
LA PESTE – Better Off Dead
PUNCTURE – Mucky Pup

Amelia Is a Headbanger
BOG PEOPLE – Depression
RAMONES – I Can’t Be
ROCKS – You’r So Boring

Sam Degenerate Ephemera
BAGS – Babylonian Gorgon

Outro songs:
LOWEST FORM – Iamthatiman
BRIARD – I Really Hate Ya

2 thoughts on “MRR Radio #1265 – 10/9/11”

  1. Hey there people! Lydia here from Athens. Right, that song by Stress was called ο Χαφιές (read O haf-YES) and it means The Nark (rufiano as we say in greek). Some lyrics says: Nark, the time has come, show and tell, look at the dogs now, they follow you like vultures, who call out for the head of vultures. Nark, go, the time has come for you to leave, don’t wait any longer. Someone’s waiting at the corner, someone’s always waiting round the corner.

    Stress formed in 1980 in Argiroupoli (literally means Silvertown) of Athens. That same year they gave their first show in Halkida, on a school trip, when they were just 16. They were the first greek band to have greek anti-establishment lyrics. Their first song was Athens Burning and was inspired by the fiery events that happened on November 16, 1980 (the 7th anniversary since the bloody 1973 Athens Polytechnic uprising*) when 2 people died as a result of police violence. [The police officers who were responsible were declared innocent 7 years later]

    In 1982 they played their first punk festival at a place called Aretousa, with Ausschwitss and Guilotine. Two months later they played the punk festival again, this time with Ex-Humans and Anipoforous (Ανυποφοροι – Intolerables), and the night ended in destruction, police arrests and the terminal closing of Aretousa.

    They played countless shows in and around the Silvertown area, as well as schools, universities and cinemas and and in 1983 they released their second demo tape. Other tracks from the tape are Athens Burning, StratiOtis ( Στρατιωτης – Soldier), Indian, SkEpsu Prin Ine ArgA ( Σκεψου πριν ειναι αργα – Think before it’s too late), Anhos (Αγχος – Anxiety) and PerithoriakOs (Περιθωριακος. In 1984 they took part in the Διαταραξη Κοινης Ησυχιας comp (Diataraxi Kinis Isihias, which you have played before) and by the end of 1985 they released their first official LP, called The Sound of Insecurity (Ο Ηχος της Ανασφαλειας – O Ihos tis anasfAlias). It was the first trully independent punk record in Greece and the 300 copies were distributed via the various music squats and anarchist/anti-establishment groups.

    A little while later they disbanded and in 1987 Wipe-Out reissued their LP with one bonus track. In 1988 Antidrasi (Αντιδραση, means reaction) release a split tape with Stress songs on the one side.In 1992 Wipe-Out reissued their first LP, this time with added live tracks, as well us previously unissued tracks from the period ’83-’85.

    All the members went on to create and/or play with other bands, most notably Panx Romana, The Earthbound, The Last Drive. Their song Dikeoma sti Zoi (Δικαιωμα στη Ζωη – Right to Life) is perhaps one of the most widely covered tracks by greek bands past and present.

    STRESS –
    (Anexartisi is a greek site dedicated to greek punk, unfortunately they haven’t got an english version. There you can find 3 pages full of pictures from their albums, live shows, posters and more)


    I haven’t forgotten the Greek political and scene report, I promise I’m working on them! Until then, why not check out the new No Exit zine! Bak from ScullCrasher Distro makes it all himself! Get in touch here:


    (*) A massive demonstration of popular rejection of the Greek military junta of 1967-1974. It began on November 14, 1973, escalated to an open anti-junta, anti-US and anti-imperialist revolt and ended in bloodshed in the early morning of November 17 after a series of events starting with a tank crashing through the gates of the Polytechnic.

  2. p.s. perithoriakos (περιθωριακος) means Marginal Man. Also, here’s a link to download the Kalazaar side of their split with A-Truth. Enjoy ;)

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