MRR Radio #1245 – 5/22/11

Hal’s “Goodbye” show… due to the inconvenient “Rapture” that’s gonna send us all to HELL. Rotten Ron, Howlin’ Hot Dog and Lightnin’ Jeff G. take you on a stallion ride into the depths of HELL!

Silver Cocks

Intro song:
NAR – Holiday Routine

Rotten Ron’s Last Set …before the Rapture
ANTISEEN – Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match
GONE BAD – Midnight Love
CANDY SNATCHERS – The World Is Wrong
BOB – The Things That You Do
CRIMEN – Esta No La Pueda Oir Mi Jefita
GR’UPS – Arg Fuck Kill

Hal’s New Junks for the Final Daze
THE OOPS – On the Lift
TRANSEX – Gotta Go
SILVER COCKS – Assassination
DEAN DIRG – We’re Ok
DISCO LEPERS – Epileptic Sex

Adam “The End of the World” Dog
KAMIKAZES – Time to Rock n Roll
RIOT 99 – Destroy the City
SMOGTOWN – Waste Of Breath
THE FREEZE – I Hate Tourists
THE SCIENTISTS – Shake Together Tonight
THE USERS – Kicks in Style

Lightnin’ Jeff G provides filler for the afterlife
ANNIHILATION TIME – Imaginary Mirror
THE RIFFS – Johnny Won’t Get to Heaven

Outro song:

2 thoughts on “MRR Radio #1245 – 5/22/11”

  1. dude….PRICK, by the PAPER BAGS….so fucking good. where can i find that record?
    i’ll stop being a prick when you stop being a bitch!

  2. Glad you liked it. That’s an unpublished tune. I hear The Paper Bags are currently trying to get it on record.

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