MRR Radio #1233 • 2/26/11

Fred, Langford and Mariam destroy your brain F with devastatingly awesome hardcore tunes. Radio is a killer, is a killer, is a killer yeah!

Intro song:
AGONY BAG – Rabies is a Killer

Agony Bag

Fred – New records for the next generation!
CRIATURAS – Arañas en el Corazon
DARK RIDES – Dance for Rain
HIMEI – ? (title in Japanese)
BRAIN F≠ – God No

Langford – The soundz inside my brain
SLOANE PETERSON – Can’t Shake You Tired Eyes
CROWD CONTROL – Terror Cycle
HELL SHOVEL – Stealin’ Candy
SLUGFUCKERS – Artificial Slits
FLESHIES – This Is the City Where All the Dirty Assholes Are Safe

Mariam – Brutalizing the Boys With My Hardcore
FIRMEZA 10 – Raza Salvaje
SECRET PEOPLE – False Reality
MAUSER – End of the Line
NO STATIK – The Corpse We Will Become
ICEAGE – White Rune

Fred – Bringing it back home
MERCHANDISE – I Locked the Door
ESTROGEN HIGHS – Kaleidoscope
ADD/C – How the West Was Won

Outro song:
CLOSET FAIRIES – Popular Science

2 thoughts on “MRR Radio #1233 • 2/26/11”

  1. ha ha, agony bag are killer!! the opening to this show sounded like something out of beavise and butthead! please take that as a compliment! i could imagine you headbanging with beer in hand.
    kick ass. cheers!

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