MRR Radio #1188 – 4/17/10

Rotten Ron kicks ass on a whole slew o’ SPECIAL guests and gives Ryan some radio learnin’.

Crazy Spirit (photo by Todd Seelie)

Intro song:

Rotten Ron – Pissing People Off
VARAUS – Nagasaki ’84
DEATH WISH KIDS – I Went to AA for a Year and All I Got Was This Lousy Ulcer
FOSSIL FUEL – Christmas Time (?)

Adam – Hot Dog Music
SHARP OBJECTS – Zero Ambition
BODIES – Open Your Eyes
GREATEST HITS – If Rock Hadn’t Saved Me

“Mike Desert’s Fuzzy Rainbow Pop Holocaust”
WHITE FLAG – Paul Is Dead
TOM ROBINSON BAND – Up Against the Wall
THE LOADED DICE – Keep Your Dress On

Ryan – Something New, Something Old, Something Puked On
FUNEROT – Waiting For It
POISON IDEA – Just to Get Away
BATTLE RUINS – Warpath’s Ahead

Hal – New Junks
MAKEOUTS – Never Let You Go
BEAT BEAT – You Hate Me and I Hate You

Mike & Adam – Hot Dog Desert
WIPERS – Is This Real?
GLITTER WIZARD – Witches’ Limbo

Outro song:
VOID – Weekend Punk

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5 thoughts on “MRR Radio #1188 – 4/17/10”

  1. I dug the Loaded Dice and Greatest Hits on this show, but, um, I’m not sure I “get” Glitter Wizard(?). Maybe you’ll need to play more of them in the future, so I can see if I can get into it. Also…I wanna request some LiLiPUT or Kleenex on the next show because they’re awesome, and I wanna say congrats on scoring the interview. All in all this was another fine show, although some of the deejays should try harder to actually speak into the microphone so we don’t have to keep increasing the volume control whenever they talk, because when the songs start up again it’s like… WHOA! Dudes! C’mon, SPEAK UP, man!

  2. We’ve been trying to keep connscience on the mike thing but guess we’re slipping again. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Fuckin FOSSEL FUEL yes!!!
    Steal your face what! True Value Hardware Sucks!
    You guys rule… xo -Erin

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