MRR Radio #1038 – 5/19/07

Intro song:
CIRCLE JERKS – Wild in the Streets

Layla – New Jams
MIKA MIKO – Zombies Take One
HUMAN EYE – Shapes and Numbers
RED DANS – West Bank
VICIOUS – Crucify Me
ACID REFLUX – Customer’s Fuck Off

Layla and Jess’ Power Pop Body Parts Anatomy Set
BAD BRAINS – Pay to Cum
THE NERVES – Give Me Some Time
BUZZCOCKS – I Love You, You Big Dummy

Layla’s Epic Jams Make Out Sesh/Weep-out Set
THE WIPERS – When It’s Over
X – The Unheard Music
WIRE – Used To
THE SAINTS – Memories Are Made of This

Jess’ D.I.Y.C.U.Z.I.S.A.I.D.S.O
ADDICTION – Violence
ANIMALS AND MEN – Render Us Harmless
MIRRORS – Out of Order
THE RATS – Never Say No

Layla likes how Chris Thomson sings
FURY – Resurrection
CIRCUS LUPUS – Tightrope Walker

Outro song:
THE FALL – How I Wrote Elastic Man