MRR Radio – July 1981, pt.1

Mr. Jalopy and Mark Frauenfelder, the nice fellows at Dinosaurs and Robots, sent us a selection of old MRR Radio tapes from the ’80s. Here is one, in two parts, which is probably from July of 1981. (Listen to part 2’ here.)

Intro song:
MINOR THREAT – Screaming at a Wall

Au Pairs
Au Pairs

Tim – San Francisco
B-TEAM – Eyes Bleeding
SOCIETY DOG – Metropolitan Rush
COSMETICS – Twinkie Madness

Ruth – “Esoteric” England
RED ZEBRA – I’m Falling Apart
KILLING JOKE – Follow the Leaders

Ray – Around the World
ABWÄRTS – Komputerstadt Computerstaat
MARIE ET LES GARÇONS – A Bout de Souffle
AU PAIRS – Armagh
FANG – Enjoy the View [on the wrong speed]

Tim – Mod set
START – Invisible Man
PURPLE HEARTS – Millions Like Us
THE JOLT – I Can’t Wait

[Tim – Mabuhay ticket giveaway, reference to “new” move to Tues. 9pm—11pm time slot]

Johnny Meyers
999 – Obsessed
[tape ends]

Listen to part’ 2’ here.

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  1. Just want to let you know that the song from ABWÄRTS is called “COMPUTERSTAAT” and not Komputerstadt…makes a different sense….classic tune anyway.

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