The “Write up etc” file

The “Write up etc”’ file is a resource for content that is included in all posts related to a particular issue. It includes:

1. The edited version of the write-up
2. The short version of the write-up (used in the sidebar, back issues descriptions and several other places)
3. The “extra short”’ description for page 4 of the magazine
4. Sidebar widget codes for the main site and radio site
5. Bibliography page code
6. Download info’ for the PDF product post
7. “Still available” section for next month’s issue’s post
8. Back issue description code for when this issue becomes available as a back issue

The’ Write up etc template can be found in the Dropbox or downloaded here.

This is a .txt’ file, or a text-only file that should be edited’ in TextWrangler, BBEdit or any other application’ that will preserve the HTML tags as text and not convert them or add any kind of formatting to the text – do not use Word to edit it. It is possible to use this file with Mac’s built-in “TextEdit” application, but you have to be careful not to add any formatting (such as bold or italic) and that it remains a .txt file when saved.

Create a new “Write up etc” document for each issue using the Write up etc template.’ The document itself is’ pretty self-explanatory, and the online instructions for various new issue tasks reference when and where to copy-and-paste text from the’ “Write up etc” file. ’ Here is a JPEG image just to get an idea of what it looks like.

386 write up etc

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