MRR Radio #1299 – 6/3/12

Amelia and the gang bring you rippin’ international punk fast and hard…and our new content coordinator Lydia plays her super sweet first MRR Radio set!!! UP THE PUNX!

Zyanose Noise Raid

Intro song:
DECIBELIOS – Matar O Morir

Andrew Underwood has burning spirits his heart
DEATH SIDE – Life Is Only Once
POISON – Hot Rod
OGERISH ORGANISM – Polyushka Polye

Amelia Anok’s heart has a pogo in its beat
ZYANOSE – Love Song
UNDEAD – It’s Corruption
VIOLATORS – Summer of ’81
HUMAN POWER – Human Power

Daniel Gene brings the hardcore invasion
INVASION – Bastardos
GAUZE – Anti-Machine
CRUCIFIX – You’re Too Old

Lydia makes your airwaves dreams come true
HIBERNATION – Death’s Scent
PROTESTANT – A Sheep in Wolve’s Clothing
EFFLUXUS – Darkness
NÜ-KLÄ’-ƏR BLAST SUNTAN – World Burn Virus
STRESS – Snitch

Outro songs:
RAZZIA – Barriere/Karriere
9 SHOCKS TERROR – Yeti Smasher
9 SHOCKS TERROR – Razor Wire

4 thoughts on “MRR Radio #1299 – 6/3/12”

  1. Oh man!! I was so nervous, I made all these verbal typos, it’s embarrassing!
    I totally messed up the NU-KLE-ER BLAST SUNTAN EP title… it is in fact called “The wheels of fate are turning’ (not ‘burning’)… also, as you can see the correct Protestant track is ‘A sheep in wolves clothing’ (not ‘clothes’)…
    sorry ’bout that…
    peace – Lyd

  2. due to poor internet communications, i said someone was in tejas who is not and have said all sorts of strange and embarrassing things on air and in print…my friend, your first show was golden! so happy we got to do this together! up punx

  3. Lydia, you should play “Αγχος” by Stress ’cause you sounded a bit stressed! haha (how’s that for a bad pun, huh?) killer playlist btw :)

  4. It’s ok hun..

    You’re only starting up now..!

    Good luck and keep rocking worlds overseas!!

    Love from Greece!


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