MRR Radio #1222 – 12/11/10

Olympia, WA’s SIXES come on the show and play some favorites, while Dan shows them how to cue records on the spot.

Sixes (photo from

Intro song:
NO STATIK – Clarified, Distilled, Recomposed

Guest DJ Jeff
DEADLINE – Closed Door
CODE OF HONOR – Stolen Faith
AMERICA’S HARDCORE – Cops Are Criminals
SSD – Get It Away

Guest DJ Mckenzie
STREET TRASH – Street Trash
DEATHREAT – You’re Under Careful Control
DEAD NATION – The Problem
LOS CRUDOS – La Caída de Latino America
ETA – I Won’t Listen

Guest DJ Travis
AVSKUM – Bullshit Defenders
DEATH FIRST – Spread Thin
BUMBKLAATT – The Foam that Spreads
SICK OF TALK – Your Place

Guest DJ Tanar
IMPACT UNIT – Nightstalker
BASTARD – Misery
BROTHERHOOD – Breaking the Ice
BEYOND – Vitality
AMEBIX – Largactyl

Guest DJ Bob
THE DAMNED – Melody Lee
CARCASS – Genital Grinder
TURNING POINT – Insecurity

Outro song:
INSUBORDINATE – Multiples of Seven

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