MRR Radio #1180 – 2/20/10

This Week: Fred, Zoe and Ryan are joined by first time guest DJ Langford. We got demo tapes, 2010 hardcore records, MAN IS THE BASTARD slow-jams, and a cosmic journey around the world and beyond.

O Pioneers (photo by John Douds)

Intro song:
YOUR MOTHER – Help Yourself ’97

Fred – Cosmic Trip Around the World and Beyond
SIOUX – Nothing to Loose
MUTOID MEN – The Red Giant
LEXOMYL – Rien a Foutre D’etre un Gosse
HANNA HIRSCH – Stralande Dod
SIOSI – Tengo Una Idea

Langford – All These Songs Are Too Damn Long
VOETSEK – Good Team Player
MAN IS THE BASTARD – Feed The Octopus
O PIONEERS – American Hearts
VAPID – Septic

Zoe – Six or So Months of Obsessive Listening
SHIT COUNTRY – Any Man of Mine
SILENT MAJORITY – What I Haved Missed
TWISTED ROOTS – Are There Cobwebs on My Face
WHITE LUNG – Magazines
GLUE – Overpass

RYAN – F’in Rox!
YOUNG LIONS – National Security
FNU RONNIES – Aint No Place
ROUGH KIDS – Going Blank

Outro song:
EEGOS – I Won’t

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