MRR Radio #1176 – 1/23/10

Rob and guest DJs David and Vicente bring the rockage your way with some garage, psych, punk and a nod to the great Jay Reatard.

Jay Reatard, RIP

Intro song:
BUTTHOLE SURFERS – Butthole Surfer

Rob – Tribute to Jay Reatard
BAD TIMES – Streets of Iron
REATARDS – I’m So Gone
LOST SOUNDS – Moving Mouths
NERVOUS PATTERNS – Beautiful Brutal
JAY REATARD – Night of Broken Glass

Vicente – Garage-O-Rama, Part 1
CON’S COMBO – Let’s Go (Argentina)
NOI TRE – Distruggimi (Italy)
OS INFLEXOS – Furtivo Olhar (Mozambique)
BEAVERS – Why Baby Why (Japan)

David Goes on a Mystic Adventure
ARMANDO SCIASIA – Circuito Shiuso
CHEB ZERGUI – Ana Dellali
LIGHTNING BOLT – Magic Mountain
ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE – I Wanna Be Your Bicycle Seat

Vicente – Garage-O-Rama, Part 2
THE JAGUARS – Dancing Lady (Japan)
SELDA – Yaylalar (Turkey)

David – The Adventure Continues
D.R. HOOKER – Forge Your Own Chains
(Unknown) – Canção aos Exús

Outro song:

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6 thoughts on “MRR Radio #1176 – 1/23/10”

  1. Thanks for listening to the show! I was glad to see the boundaries of the show pushed by my guest DJs. I hope to have them both back in soon.

  2. yes, i too enjoyed hearing new stuff that is not otherwise typically played on MRR Radio! keep it up! yay.

  3. I heard (and thought I had) a memorable song a few years back which I loved. I thought about it a few months back and went searching for it on my external hard drive. Trouble is, I couldn’t remember the name of the artist or the track. So there I am catching up with my podcasts and on it comes, Yaylalar by Selda. Just ordered her cd. Thanks guys.

  4. that’s great darren! Yaylalar is amazing isn’t it?? i can’t understand a word of her turkish lyrics but it’s hypnotic

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