MRR Radio #1159 – 9/26/09

Rob and Vicente rock your world with a heavy mix of international garage, old school Finnish punk and batch of new releases. Most excellent!

Morpheme (photo by Paul C.)

Intro song:
SPITS – Tonight

Rob – New tunes

NEVER HEALED – Untitled 1
D-CLONE – Here Is Will
BRAINKILLER – The Breaking Wheel
MORPHEME – Moumoko Sekai
WASTED TIME – Futility

Vicente – International Garage Part 1
THE GOLDEN CUPS – Love Is My Life (Japan)
LOS SHAINES – El Monstruo (Peru)
BUNNYS – Burning Burning (Japan)
LOS SAICOS – El Entierro De Los Gatos (Peru)
LOS SLEEPERS – Zombie (Mexico)

Rob – Suomi Punk Part 1
LAMA – Totuus Ioytyy Kaurapuurosta
RATTUS – Muotipunk
TERVEET KADET – Vapaa Pohjola
KAAOS – Kytat On Natsis Koja
CADGERS – Kaaos Taa Maa Kaipaa
APPENDIX – El Raha Oo Mon Valuutaa

Vicente – International Garage Part 2
LOS ROCKIN’ DEVILS – Perro Lanudo (Mexico)
CINQUE MONELLI – Balbettando (Italy)
THE DYNAMITES – Koi Wa Mou Takusan (Japan)
SELDA – Meydan Sizindir (Turkey)
OS GAMBUZINOS – Aida (Angola)

Rob – Suomi Punk Part 2
PELLE MILJOONA & N.U.S – Olen Tyoton
EPPU NORMAALI – Poliisi Pamputtaa Taas
PROBLEMS? – Ei Taa Lama Paahan Kay

Outro song:
HUNX AND HIS PUNX – I Won’t Get Under You

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3 thoughts on “MRR Radio #1159 – 9/26/09”

  1. Hi MRR.

    Just to say that LOS SHAINS and LOS SAICOS were PERUVIAN GARAGE BANDS. Just as mine in the same tradition.

    Papa (Lima-Peru)

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