Reposting Radio show from to MRR Radio website

All of these steps are included in the template “DJs – Repost show from” which you will be using for the post on the MRR Radio site. Here they are again with more detail and screen shots:

  1. After completely finishing posting the show on, keep’ the posting window’ open and open a new browser window (or tab) and log in to the Radio website:
  2. Under Post Templates choose “DJs – Repost show from” and click “New post from template”
  3. Copy’ and paste entire title’ from to the Radio site post
    MRR post copy title
  4. Change the’ permalink’ to:’ mrrradio14XX
    (w/correct show number)
    Radio post set permalink click OK
  5. In the right column under’ Featured Image click “Set featured image”
    Radio post set Featured Image
    Upload’ the same imaged you used in the post and click “Set featured image”
    Radio post upload and set Featured Image
  6. In Text mode (not Visual)’ copy the entire post from and paste it below the’ instructions. (You can actually’ delete’ the instruction in the template if you are using this page instead, but in the future if you are using the template instructions, do not delete them until the end.)
    MRR post copy body
  7. Delete the MRR Radio description text at bottom of post:’ “Maximum Rocknroll Radio is a weekly radio show and podcast…”
    Radio post delete description at bottom
  8. Set your’ Sunday’s show’ date under “Publish immediately” on the right
    Radio schedule post
  9. Delete the’ instructions from the beginning of the post and’ Save Draft. DO NOT CLICK SCHEDULE or PUBLISH’ (Sam will publish after he attaches the MP3 to the post).
    The post should look exactly like it did on the MRR site, except the permalink will be different and the post will not have the MRR Radio description text at the bottom.
    Radio post ready to go

A weekly radio show featuring the best DIY punk, garage rock and hardcore from the astounding, ever-growing Maximum Rocknroll record collection.