Radio post image

The image you use for the post needs to be a JPEG, PNG, or GIF. Do not use a TIFF!

Before uploading it, give the file a name that identifies the band/subject – e.g., “the_shitfucks.jpg”, not “IMG_193667823.jpg”.

The image should be at least 450 pixels wide and 400 pixels high, but ideally 600-1000 px wide. If your image is a lot bigger than this, use Preview (if you’re on a Mac), Photoshop, or any other photo editing software to downsize the image.

IMPORTANT: The photo you use in your post cannot have nudity or “obscenity” because it may also appear on MRR’s Facebook page and we cannot violate their TOS or we’ll get kicked off.


A weekly radio show featuring the best DIY punk, garage rock and hardcore from the astounding, ever-growing Maximum Rocknroll record collection.