You Got A Problem #3

ygap_logo_1EPISODE 3

It’s Episode Three of You Got A Problem. This time around we address beer redemption value in California, confrontation, dogs and scabies, and problems of punk love in small scenes.

If you have problems like these, and want some punk rock advice, leave your problem, name and phone number on our voice mail: (206) 600-1030 or email us at:

3 thoughts on “You Got A Problem #3”

  1. It’s an email response that I just post here for your knowledge: “friends have used the old school remedy of onion baths – onion peels boiled and fermented overnight then made into a bath. it actually works. not sure about the specifics, but with a little research it may be found… and on people, fuck premethrin, its a nerve destroying compound that can cause per”menant ticks – nerve damage; i’ve used this stuff. it works great. -bridge”

  2. cocksparrer’s bird trouble is great but when i played the tune at me mates wedding it didn’t go over so well!!!

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