New Issue Checklist

 Photoshop: Create cover JPEGs for web
 Text or code editor: CreateWrite up etc” file
 Main site: Create new issue post (but don’t publish yet)
 Webstore: Publish previous issue PDF (included in instructions for next step)
 Webstore: Create and publish new issue product post
 Main site: Publish new issue post
 Webstore: Update issue numbers (in attributes) and insert descriptions in Single Back Issue and 6 Back Issues posts
Facebook: Update Facebook profile image (and add issue description to photo) and background image if necessary
Webstore: Put two issues ago’s product post in the trash (it should no longer appear in the store — it’s now in Back Issues)
Webstore: Update two issues ago’s PDF product post
— — Change price to $2.98 in Product Data section
— — Under Product Categories, uncheck “Current issue” and check “Hidden on front page”
— — Uncheck “Featured” (or un-star in the product list view)
 Main site: Add download link to last month’s issue post
 Main site: Change two issues ago’s post to link to Back Issues product and change price to $3.99
 Webstore: Add “PDF available” info to last month’s issue

Prep PDF download:
Create cropped, optimized PDF & upload to (using Cyberduck)
 Duplicate last month’s PDF product to create new product in webstore and save as draft (do not publish!)

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