Submitting your music to MRR Radio
All submissions to MRR Radio must go to Maximum Rocknroll magazine for review first (see below). Sorry but we cannot play digital submissions on MRR Radio. If your record, tape or CD gets reviewed in the magazine, it will the be eligible for possible airplay. It’s up to the DJ what gets played. Since we generally don’t have time to answer “follow up” emails, please use the search function in the menu above to see if your record got played.

Submitting music for review in Maximum Rocknroll magazine
Send your vinyl/cassette/CD release to the address below. We do not review digital music, only physical releases. Please send two copies of vinyl if possible (one for the MRR library and one for the reviewer). Send the actual release — no test presses, pre-releases or “promo” CDs — and please include any information that is not already in the packaging, such as a mailing address, where the band is from, website info, etc. We review DIY punk/garage/hardcore and related genres only. Nothing on a major/corporate label or with exclusive distribution through the majors’ fake indies will get a review or any other coverage in MRR.

Send submissions to:

Maximum Rocknroll
PO Box 460760
San Francisco, CA 94146

For more info, email

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