Radio Stations


MRR Radio is available to any radio station (or website) that wants to air it. Just download the MP3. You have our permission, as long as you and let us know your station name or call letters, frequency (and/or url), and the day and time you’re playing the show. Email


We have a podcast available of the censored version of MRR Radio, or you can download shows directly from here. See the clean version page for more info.


New listing! MRR Radio is now on
Radio Mutation “The World’s Only REAL Rock ‘n’ Roll Podcast Network”

KZUM-FM 89.3 FM Lincoln, NE, Monday at 1:00am (Sunday night). Airing MRR Radio in Lincoln since 1983!!! Cheers to Rich D.

Radio Bronka 104.5 FM Barcelona, Spain, Viernes de 21 a 22h y Martes de 10 a 11h (Friday 9–10pm and Tuesday 10–11am) …con introducción en español
Emisión por Internet (streaming audio)

Radio Almaina 107,1 FM Granada, Spain, Monday at 11pm and Thursday at 9 am

Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.3 FM Santa Cruz, CA, Thursday 10–11am

WSGR 91.3 FM Port Huron, MI, Friday 11pm

CJSF 90.1FM Burnaby, BC, Canada, Tuesday 5–6am and Wednesday night/Thursday morning 12:30–1:30 am

CIUT 89.5 FM, Toronto, Canada, Sunday night/Monday morning 12–1am

CKDU 88.1 FM Halifax, NS, Canada, Saturday night/Sunday morning 3–4am

UMFM (CJUM) 101.5 FM Winnipeg, MB, Canada, Tuesday night/Wednesday morning 3–4am

KCSB-FM 91.9 FM Santa Barbara, CA, Saturday 4-6am.

WCSB 89.3 FM Cleveland, OH. Tune in to find out when MRR Radio is airing.

A weekly radio show featuring the best DIY punk, garage rock and hardcore from the astounding, ever-growing Maximum Rocknroll record collection.